Twitter Bootcamp

Below you will find links to the Twitter Bootcamp that was part of OU's Academic Tech Expo in January 2016... and of course you can complete the Bootcamp at any time. Feel free to tweet me, Laura (@OnlineCrsLady), with any questions you have or suggestions about how we can make these materials more useful to you!
  • Stage 1: Set up an account and start tweeting!
  • Stage 2: Learn about additional Twitter features: list, search, more.
  • Stage 3: Learn about Twitter add-ons and tools like Storify, etc.
  • Stage 4: Twitter project: create your own D2L live Twitter widget.
I've also compiled a list of Twitter resources (Diigo list). Tweet me with suggestions for more materials to add to the list!

Happy Tweeting!


  1. I fold rather a lot of Twitter links into media and social media OneTab bundles, probably others too. How well I tag bundles for Diigo depends on time and state of mind. Diigo search decent: I can run a OneTab + Twitter search and bulk edit tags.

    I've been subbing tag feeds to InoReader for projects -- and also feeds for items tagged in Ino. Some days it gets to feeling somewhat Rube Goldberg

    1. Ha ha, my whole life online IS a Rube Goldberg. SO TRUE. I'm usually very sloppy about Diigo but I am trying to be very organized about it for this specific project. I like the Diigo roll that lets me embed the stuff in blog posts. :-)


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