Stage 4

In Stage 1, you started tweeting and in Stage 2, you learned about more Twitter features. Then, in Stage 3, you took a look at lots of Twitter add-ons and tools. Now, in Stage 4, you will complete a Twitter project, building your own D2L TWITTER WIDGET. 

I've chosen a D2L Twitter widget with the University of Oklahoma audience in mind, but this could be adapted to using a Twitter widget in any kind of web platform: another LMS, a course website, a course blog, etc. So just jiggle the elements of this project to turn this into a project that will meet your needs!
  1. Instructions. Choose class hashtag and/or create class Twitter account.
  2. Instructions. Brainstorm a content strategy.
  3. Instructions. Create the Twitter widget for your content stream.
  4. Instructions. Create a new widget in D2L.
  5. Instructions. Add the D2L widget to your homepage.
  6. Instructions. Test the widget by tweeting something.
  7. Instructions. Test the widget by retweeting.
  8. Instructions. Look for OU accounts to follow for your class.
  9. Instructions. Another D2L widget: featured (embedded) tweets.
  10. Instructions. Using Twitter with your students.
Twitter: bringing the life of the Internet into your D2L homepage! Here's a screenshot: announcements on left, tweets — live tweets! — to the right.

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