Fall 2015 Archive

Here are our Fall 2015 chats! Click on the link for each one to learn more:

Q1. What were some of your best successes this semester?
Q2. What were some of your best failures?
Q3. Do you have some big plans for next semester?
Q4. What advice do you want to give to your "new you" for 2016? What advice will you be giving your students?
Q5. Who are some of the people who helped make the Fall semester a success for you?
Q6. What are some of the chat topics you'd like to see next semester?

Q1. What are some main sources of fear for you in your work? For your students? What effects do you see?
Q2. What are some models and theories that help you better understand and cope with fear?
Q3. What are the biggest scarcity issues in your own work? Your students' work?
Q4. Have you found good scarcity solutions for yourself? Solutions that you can promote and share with students?
Q5. How do terms like security and safety fit into your principles and practices as an educator?
Q6. What role can educational institutions play in coping with fear, scarcity, and (in)security among faculty and students?

Q1. Are you happy with your current curation/annotation/sharing strategies? How have they changed over time?
Q2. What are some of your favorite curation/annotation/sharing tools? How do you use each tool? What are the strengths/weaknesses?
Q3. How do you find time to make curation/annotation/sharing part of your daily/weekly/other routine?
Q4. How do you benefit from having curation/annotation/sharing routines? How do others benefit from your efforts?
Q5. Have you found ways to make curation/annotation/sharing part of your course design? How do your students respond?
Q6. Who are some of your curation heroes and heroines?

Q1. To get started: What were your summer highlights? How is the new semester going???
Q2. Have you had a personal experience of moving from fixed to growth mindset? What helped you make the move?
Q3. What are the best resources for learning about growth mindset approaches? What are best resources to share with students?
Q4. What growth mindset strategies do you use as you think about course design?
Q5. Have you made growth mindset an explicit part of your teaching? With what results?
Q6. How can we use growth mindset to promote open learning and teaching? co-learning? differentiated learning? other goals?

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