Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chat Planning: Join us on Friday, Feb. 19, 10AM (Norman)

WELCOME BACK, everybody! This Friday, February 19, we'll be starting up our Friday morning Twitter chats about "open teaching" in every sense of the word. Rob, Stacy, and I are excited about what we can do in 2016 by using the power of connections.

New to Twitter? Check out the DIY Twitter Bootcamp: we used it during the OU Tech Expo in January, and you can use it anytime to get started with Twitter and/or to pick up some new Twitter tricks and skills. Plus, check out all the Twitter links in this Diigo list.

Starting this year we are using TWO hashtags: #OpenTeachingOU (we started out at the University of Oklahoma) and also #OpenOK as we try to include more educators across Oklahoma, thanks to Rob and Stacy's statewide efforts at NextThought. So feel free to use either or both hashtags!

Here is our tentative schedule for Spring:
  • Feb. 19 BrainstormA planning chat for the year ahead.
  • March 4 Film Festival. Live tweeting while we watch together. 
  • March 25 TBA
  • April 8: TBA
  • April 22: Rob Carr will help us learn about accessibility for open content!
~ ~ ~

See below for questions to energize our chat on Friday! Please add your suggestions too (comment here at the blog, or tweet us!): StacyRob, or Laura.

Q1. New Year, New Goals. How is your new year going? What kinds of new open education projects do you have going on for 2016? 

Q2. Calendar of Events. Are there some open education events you are involved in this year? Events you are eagerly awaiting? 

Q3. Twitter Networking. Have you made any new connections at Twitter? New hashtags to follow? Communities you have tapped into?

Q4. Oklahoma Networking. Let's brainstorm how to build a better OU online network and how to connect with other Oklahoma open educators!

Q5. March 4 Film Festival. Nominate your favorite educational videos (<10 minutes) so we can watch together and live tweet for March 4 chat.

Q6. Future Chats. Propose topics for this semester's chats! Any and all suggestions related to open education are welcome. :-)

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