Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chat Planning: Join us on Friday, April 8 for a sloooow chat

Because Rob and Stacy can't participate at the regular time, we are switching to a SLOW CHAT format, which means that I'll tweet out the questions in the morning on Friday at 30-minute intervals starting at 9AM (CST) so that people can respond on Friday, or over the weekend, or at any time.

Also, this will be our LAST CHAT. As OU moves into its LMS re-evaluation and possible transition, that conversation will be the focus, and a new opportunity for people to think about "open" as they (re)design their courses.

Big news at OU: Learning Management System Recommendation. And the team behind this is asking you to share your thoughts, faculty!

For our April 8 chat, we can look at the LMS, how it can be harnessed to open teaching practices, along with the good synergy at OU Create:

Here are the questions I'll be tweeting during 10AM-1PM (and please chime in at any time):
  1. what LMS system(s) have you worked with? what have been your fav features / worst peeves?
  2. how do you use LMS now? what are your hopes for future? has your LMS use evolved over time?
  3. what can we do to promote open sharing of LMS experiences at OU and learn from each other?
  4. are you using OU Create? what other web tools do you hope to use with the LMS and why?
  5. thought experiment: if LMS disappeared overnight (poof!), what would we be using instead? (that's a thought experiment via Jon Becker)
  6. what will be our biggest challenges as we move forward? how should we measure "LMS success"?
And here are some things to read and ponder about the LMS scene:
A MindWires graphic (found here and used elsewhere in their work):

Plus some words of wisdom from Dilbert... from back in 2001 (April 14 2001 to be precise):

Also, while Canvas is certainly not the upstart it once was, you might enjoy this old video from their upstart days: Change is Good.

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