Thursday, January 7, 2016

OU Twitter Buddies

In preparation for the OU Tech Expo Twitter Bootcamp next week (Jan. 11-14, leading up to the Expo on Jan. 15), I am hoping to find some OU Twitterati who would be "buddies" for the Bootcamp.

Here's what I was thinking the OU Twitter buddies could do:

1) Publicize the Academic Technology Expo and the Twitter Bootcamp in your virtual and real-life networks.

2) Encourage someone in your office/program to start using Twitter, helping them to connect with people and content you have found useful.

3) Be available via the OUTechExpo Buddies List to help new OU Twitter users practice using Twitter and to answer questions they might have.

4) Share your own Twitter tips and tricks using the #OUTechExpo hashtag.

If you want to be on the Buddies List, that would be GREAT... let me know with a tweet @OnlineCrsLady, hashtag #OUTechExpo. Thanks in advance for your help! I've embedded a widget below that shows the latest tweets from the Buddies list... it's a good way to see how people are using Twitter every day at OU to connect and learn. Thanks, everybody!

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