Friday, December 11, 2015

8. Video in a Tweet

Now that you have tweeted with an image, try INCLUDING A VIDEO in your next tweet! All you have to do is paste in the URL of an online video, such as a YouTube or Vimeo video. Twitter contains a media player that will play the video inside your tweet.

To see how that works, here's a tweet with a video in it!

(That's an example of an embedded tweet; you'll learn about that later!)

Tweet a video. To make the video magic happen, just find the URL of the video you want to include, and paste that into your tweet.

When you are done, click Tweet to publish.

View Media. When you see a tweet with a video in a timeline, the video may or may not be displayed. If you are not seeing the video, just click on the View Media link in the lower right-hand corner:

When you click on View Media, the video image player pops up and you have access to all the video controls.

So, now you know how to do all kinds of tweets: tweets with hashtags, links, images, and videos.

NEXT STEP => Next, you'll learn about one of the most powerful features of Twitter: the re-tweet.

Extra Tip: If you like images and videos, you can see ONLY videos and images from someone's Twitter stream by clicking on the "Photos and Videos" link that you see on their profile page:

You can also see photos or videos shared with a hashtag; for example, here is the #GrowthMindset hashtag feed; there is a link for photos and a link for videos:

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