Tuesday, December 8, 2015

40. Using Twitter with Your Students

You have now reached the last Twitter Bootcamp activity: brainstorming how to use Twitter with your students. Especially since you can include live Twitter content inside D2L with different kinds of D2L widgets, you might be able to use Twitter for more than just broadcasting content.

Just how you might use Twitter together with your students depends on your goals for the class. There are so many possibilities! I've collected many different articles about how teachers are using Twitter in their classes; you can see those links here: Using Twitter with Students. If you have some more article to suggest, let me know; you can just tweet me @OnlineCrsLady.

If you'd like to brainstorm some ideas here at the blog, just leave a comment here, and feel free to email me at laurakgibbs@gmail.com if you want to discuss something in detail.

And to those of you who followed through all four stages of the Bootcamp: THANK YOU! I really enjoyed preparing these materials, and I hope to be seeing you in the Twitterverse in 2016. :-)

And now at end (which I hope is just a beginning), here's an infographic that might help you get started:

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