Wednesday, December 9, 2015

29. Twitter Visualization Tools

There are many different kinds of Twitter VISUALIZATION tools; I'll just take a quick look at two of them here, and you can browse these links to learn more: Twitter Visualization.

Some of the Twitter visualization tools generate maps showing your followers, the people you follow, the people who mention you, etc. Here's a visualization for my Twitter account. It's mostly U.S. and Canada, but some other countries are well represented; the India presence is because I teach a course about India.

Other Twitter visualization tools show communication networks, like this visualization of an #OpenTeachingOU chat that Keegan Long-Wheeler made using TAGSExplorer:

There are also much more complex network mapping tools that you can use, like NodeXL; here's a screenshot of a map that Aras Bozkurt made for #HumanMOOC:

NEXT STEP => This has been a quick survey of a variety of different Twitter tools... and there are MANY more Twitter tools out there, as you'll learn next, finishing up this stage of the Bootcamp.

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