Thursday, December 10, 2015

20. Twitter: Reviewing the Basics

You've covered a lot of Twitter ground so far! This activity is just a quick REVIEW: I'll list some of the terms and topics that you've covered in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Twitter Bootcamp.
  • Twitter Homepage (Timeline). Where you can see your tweets and all the tweets of people you follow. Where to find it? Just log in at
  • Handle. This is a Twitter username. Use @handle to reply to or mention someone in a tweet, sending them a notification.
  • Profile Page. Where you can see a person's tweets and retweets, along with links to access their replies, likes, lists, followers, and people they are following. Each Profile Page is located at — for example,
  • Hashtags. The # sign indicates a hashtag, which automatically becomes a link in any tweet, giving you a way to connect up with others using the same hashtag.
  • Chat. When people are tweeting at the same time, using the same hashtag, the result is a Twitter chat!
  • Retweet. When you retweet someone else's tweet, their tweet becomes part of your timeline and is seen by all the people who are following you.
  • Reply. When you reply to someone else's tweet, their handle is the first thing in the tweet, and they get a notification. The tweet and the reply make up a conversation
  • Likes. You can "like" (or favorite) a tweet, and all the tweets you have liked are accessible via your Profile page.
  • Following. When you decide to follow someone, it means you will see their tweets and retweets in your homepage timeline. The people who follow you are your followers.
  • Lists. Twitter lists are another way to see tweets and retweets; when you look at a list you see the tweets and retweets of the members of that list.
  • Search. You can search Twitter with all kinds of useful search parameters, and an Advanced Search option also. Save your searches future use!
  • Direct Message. This is the private messaging system inside Twitter.
  • Mute and Block. These are controls you can use if you encounter spam or other bad behavior in your part of the Twitterverse.
Some of this is probably starting to sound very familiar now, and some of it might still sound very new. The best way to get into the swing of things is to just keep on tweeting, finding people to follow, exploring hashtags, enjoying yourself!

NEXT STEP => If you are ready to learn about some Twitter add-ons and tools, you can move on ... or you can just play with Twitter some more and see what you can learn. Have fun! And if you have questions as you keep exploring, just tweet me: @OnlineCrsLady.

And just for fun, here is a Seussian Guide to Twitter from Hootsuite:

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