Thursday, December 10, 2015

12. Twitter Bookmarks

Now that you have learned about Twitter lists, it's a good time to think about building a TWITTER BOOKMARKS FOLDER that you can keep on your browser toolbar. If you put your Twitter bookmarks in a folder on your browser bookmarks toolbar, you can have quick and easy aspect to the different Twitter streams based on your time available and Twitter priorities, moving the bookmarks up and down based on those changing priorities.

Here's a screenshot of the bookmarks in my folder right now; all the different ways I might choose to view Twitter are accessible with a single click:

Here are the kinds of Twitter items you can start saving in your Twitter bookmarks folder; you'll learn about some more as we go through more activities:
  • This is your "homepage" and shows your tweets and retweets and all the people you follow (so "" looks different to each person who logs in).
  • Your Profile Page: On this page you can see your tweets and retweets and access your lists, see your followers, who you are following, etc. The URL is So, for example, my profile page is
  • Lists: You can bookmark any lists you want to watch, either your own or other people's lists. So, for example, you could bookmark the OU List.
  • Hashtags: Remember how you can click on any hashtag like a link? That means you can bookmark it like a link; when you bookmark a hashtag you can choose whether to bookmark the "live" version or the "top" tweets for that hashtag (I always use the "live" version). Check out the #OpenTeachingOU; that hashtag is a URL you can bookmark.
  • There are more, too — in later activities, you'll learn about Notifications and Searches which you might want to bookmark.
So, take a few minutes to create a Twitter bookmarks folder in your browser. You'll find that it's faster than the click-click-click of the Twitter interface! 

NEXT STEP => Then, when you are done, go on to the next activity: learning about Twitter notifications.

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