Tuesday, December 8, 2015

36. Test the Widget with Tweets

Okay, so far you have chosen a strategy for managing your class Twitter stream and added content to the stream, and then you created a Twitter widget for that class stream and installed that in the form of a D2L widget in your D2L homepage (or in a blog sidebar or other website). Now it's time to TEST THE WIDGET starting out with some tweets. The widget updates in something close to real time, so you should see the results as each new tweet joins your stream!

Just how you will test your widget with some tweets depends on how you are managing your class stream:

Hashtag. If you configured your widget to search for a hashtag, then just compose a tweet that contains your hashtag. You should see it show up in the widget!

Likes. If you configured your widget to display the liked tweets from your account, just compose a tweet and then like your own tweet (which seems kind of weird, but it works), and you should see that newly liked tweet show up in your widget.

Class Account. If you have a separate class account, make sure you are logged into that account and then compose a tweet. Any tweet from this account will show up in the widget!

Is everything working? You should be seeing the new tweets showing up in your D2L widget (or blog widget or website widget). If you are having troubles, tweet me @OnlineCrsLady or send me an email (laurakgibbs@gmail.com), and we can troubleshoot it together!

NEXT STEP => And now that you have tweeted, it's time to try another test: retweet and watch how retweets appear in your widget.

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