Tuesday, December 8, 2015

37. Test the Widget with Retweets

Okay, you have tested the widget with a tweet (or two or three). Now it's time to test the widget with RETWEETS. This is basically like the previous task, but instead of composing a new tweet, you will be retweeting an existing tweet.

Just how you will test your widget with retweets depends on how you are managing your class stream:

Hashtag. To do the retweet with hashtag, you'll definitely need to install the Classic Retweet extension for your browser if you have not done that already. When you have that extension installed, you will see two retweet icons; the one to the left is the one that is a retweet that allows you to add a hashtag (although you may have to shorten the original tweet to get your hashtag to fit). For example, here's a tweet that I want to retweet with my #OU3043 hashtag added, so I click on the retweet option to the left:

That allows me to edit the tweet by adding the #OU3043; I had to shorten it to make room for the hashtag so I changed the RT (retweet) to MT (modified tweet):

Likes. If you configured your widget to display the liked tweets from your account, you actually don't have to retweet (although you might want to); it's actually enough just to like someone else's tweet and it will go into your widget.

Class Account. If you have a separate class account, make sure you are logged into that account and then retweet something. Any retweet, just like any tweet, will show up in the widget!

Is everything working? You should be seeing the tweets from other people showing up in your D2L widget (or blog widget or website widget). 

NEXT STEP => And now that you have tweeted, it's time to explore some OU Twitter accounts to share with your students.

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