Wednesday, December 9, 2015

23. Storify is a browser-based tool that allows you to assemble tweets (and other online content) into a united presentation, allowing you to document a Twitter conversation in a more lasting format.

You can view the Storify slideshows at the Storify site, and it's also easy to embed a Storify slideshow in a blog post or webpage — plus it renders nicely inside a tweet, too! For an example, at the bottom of this post, I've embedded a Storify for one of our #OpenTeachingOU chats, and you can see it at the Storify website also. One of the powerful features of Storify is that the tweets you see in a Storify presentation function like regular tweets, allowing you to reply, retweet, and like the individual tweets, just as if you were viewing the content at Twitter.

Creating a Storify is easy! When you log on at Storify (you can log on with your Twitter account), you'll be able to create a new Storify story, using the right-hand frame to search for and select content from Twitter and other online sources, while using the left-hand frame to create the actual presentation:

To get a sense of the different ways people are using Storify, browser around the Storify site and see what you can find, and check out our #OpenTeachingOU chat below. You might even want to make a quick Storify containing just a few tweets now to see what it's like.

NEXT STEP => After you've gotten a sense of what Storify is like, you can move on to the next tool: Vine.

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