Friday, December 11, 2015

1. Cruising Twitter

To get started on Stage 1 of the Twitter Bootcamp, spend a few minutes CRUISING TWITTER to see what's there. You can do this without logging in, and then in the next activity you will create your own Twitter account. For now, though, just kick back and enjoy exploring Twitter.

1. Twitter Accounts. Twitter is made up of people and organizations who have accounts, and each account has a Twitter "timeline" that shows their tweets. You can link directly to an account. For example, I have two accounts: the OnlineCrsLady account, and a separate account, OnlineMythIndia, for my courses. President Boren has an account, and so does President Obama. There's Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You will find J. K. Rowling at Twitter, and Chaucer is there too. Take a few minutes to take a look around and see who and what you find!

2. Twitter Hashtags. Another way to cruise through Twitter is by means of hashtags. Whenever someone uses a hashtag, it becomes an automatic link at Twitter. So, for example, check out the #OpenTeachingOU hashtag to see what's going on!

3. Twitter Search. Twitter also has a search box at the top of every page. Try searching on some words and phrases that are of interest to you; later on you'll learn about Twitter search terms and how to use Twitter advanced search.

4. Twitter Embedded. Another powerful feature of Twitter is the way you can embed a Twitter widgets in other blogs and websites. People don't have to have a Twitter account to see that Twitter content; it's visible to all. You can see a Twitter widget in the sidebar of my class announcements blog, for example,  and you can see the Twitter timeline for the OU Sooners Twitter account on the OU Homepage. I've also embedded the OU Daily timeline here in this blog post (below).

NEXT STEP => I hope you have enjoyed your Twitter cruise! If you are ready to move on, the next step is to create your Twitter account (or, if you have one already, to log in, resetting your password if needed).

Here's a widget for the OU Daily; they are a great account to follow at Twitter:

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