Tuesday, December 8, 2015

38. OU Accounts of Interest of Students

Now that you have your class stream up and running, you might want to think about some OU ACCOUNTS you want to follow with your students in mind. In addition to Twitter content related to your specific course topic, you can find some excellent OU accounts that you will want to follow for content to share with your students.

To browse through some OU accounts, you can look at this OU Programs Twitter list, and you can also browse through the members of that list — but be warned: many of those accounts are dormant. Still, you can subscribe anyway; you never know when a Twitter account might come back to life! You might also browse the list of OU faculty and staff; you might find people from your department or college who are tweeting items you might want to share with your students.

Here are just some OU Twitter accounts with content that I often share with my students:
Browse around and see what you can find — and of course you will now be contributing to the OU Twitterverse by means of your own tweets and retweets!

NEXT STEP => As you see all the good content that is out there, you might want to consider another way to display Twitter inside D2L: creating a Featured Tweet widget with embedded Twitter content.

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