Thursday, December 10, 2015

13. Notifications

Now that you have a Twitter bookmarks folder, you will probably want to bookmark your NOTIFICATIONS page for quick reference.

When you are looking at Twitter, your Notifications page is one you can access from the upper left-hand menu of any page:

Just what appears on your Notifications page depends on how you have configured the Web Notifications in your Settings (remember Settings?). Here are the choices you can make:

As you can see, you can get notifications for retweets, likes (favorites), replies or mentions, new followers, and direct messages. So, when you click on your Notifications page (bookmark it!), you will see the kinds of notifications you have selected in your settings.

Retweets. You already learned about how to retweet other people's tweets. Other people might be retweeting your tweets, and you will get a notification when they do.

Likes. You'll be learning about the Twitter "like" system in the next activity!

Replies and Mentions. A reply is when a tweet has your handle as the very first part of the tweet, and a mention is when your handle appears anywhere in the tweet.

Followed. You will get a notification when someone follows you, and you'll also get a notification when someone adds you to a list (even if they are not following you).

Direct Message. You'll be learning about Direct Messages later too!

If you want to practice by seeing how all those notifications actually look, tweet me by including @OnlineCrsLady in a tweet and tell me you're working on notifications (it's important to mention my handle in the tweet so that I'll get a notification!). Then I'll retweet your tweet, I'll like it, and I'll reply to you. If I'm not following you already, I'll follow you too. That way you can see the results of all those actions on your Notifications page.

NEXT STEP => Now that you're familiar with how Notifications work, you can learn about Twitter likes (favorites).

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