Wednesday, December 9, 2015

30. More Twitter Tools

To finish up this part of the Bootcamp, I'll share some collections of Twitter tools for you to browse through and explore. Maybe you will find some more tools you want to try! One of the best is this bit list by Kevan Lee at BufferSocial: 91 Free Twitter Tools and Apps.

Do you have some Twitter tools you are already using that you would like to recommend? Add a comment to this blog post, or tweet about your favorite tool with the #OpenTeachingOU hashtag.

Twitter itself is a powerful tool, and it becomes even more useful when you find the right tools to help you! And when you find a good tool, remember to share it with your Twitter network.

NEXT STEP => And that's all for Stage 3 of the Bootcamp... next up is the final stage: A Twitter Project — Building a Twitter Widget for D2L or some other LMS or your blog: Twitter widgets can go pretty much anywhere!

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