Thursday, December 10, 2015

19. Mobile Twitter

After all the things you've learned so far (all this and all this too), there is one more important Twitter topic to cover: MOBILE TWITTER.

Unfortunately, I am your worst possible guide to mobile Twitter because I don't use it at all. My only mobile device is a Kindle! My poor iPad is too antiquated to use anymore, and my iPadTouch is teetering on the edge of viability.

So, what I'm going to do here is to provide some basic information about using Twitter on mobile devices, and hopefully the guru of #MobileFirst at OU will step in with some additional resources and recommendations!

Twitter Help. There are some good resources at Twitter, like these pages: Twitter for Feature Phones - Smartphones and TabletsMobile NotificationsMobile Troubleshooting.

You can actually look at in your browser. As often, that can be useful if you want to do any printing from Twitter; mobile views are usually much better for printing than the standard browser view.

So, I hope you will be able to find what you need to use Twitter successfully on your mobile device. And, when in doubt, just tweet for help: if you ask the people who are part of #OpenTeachingOU — especially Keegan, the King of #MobileFirst — I'm sure you will get the answers you need.

NEXT STEP => So, CONGRATULATIONS to you! You have reached the end of the Twitter basics. The next step is a chance to review your Twitter expertise before you move on to looking at some Twitter add-ons and tools.

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