Wednesday, December 9, 2015

27. Inoreader

Do you already use a feed reader like Feedly, for example? A feed reader is a way to gather RSS feeds from blogs and other sources so that you can read them all in one place. Twitter used to provide RSS feeds, but it does not do that any longer, which means you cannot use a normal feed reader to subscribe to Twitter feeds... but you can use INOREADER to do that. Inoreader can gather blogs, Twitter, and even Facebook and Google+ feeds, bringing all that content together, and letting you read, search, and manage that content much like you manage email with filters, folders, and tags.

In addition to being a way to collect and manage content, also syndicates content, sending it back out in the form of RSS feeds that you create and configure with Inoreader folders and tags. So, for example, I use Inoreader to create a "combination feed" that shows my Twitter posts and my Google+ posts and my blog posts, all combined into a single feed which you can see at my homepage, Here's a screenshot:

And here's what that feed looks like inside Inoreader, with tags and folders and other content management tools:

The free Inoreader plan allows you to susbcribe to one Twitter feed, which is all you need to let Inoreader provide you with a searchable archive of all your tweets.

So, if you are interested in having a Twitter archive, consider giving a try. And feel free to contact me with any questions you have about Inoreader; I'm one of their biggest fans!

NEXT STEP => With the next tool, you'll see another way to aggregate Twitter content, but this time it is based on collecting tweets for a specific hashtag: Tagboard.

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