Wednesday, December 9, 2015

26. IFTTT: If This, Then That

You may already be using IFTTT — If This, Then That — for services other than Twitter; IFTTT is an automator that connects to an astounding variety of services and devices — over 250, in fact, as you can see at Twitter, not surprisingly, is one of the most popular IFTTT options.

The way IFTTT works is that you connect your various services and devices, and then you create "recipes" where one service triggers another. There are almost 5000 recipes that people have created using Twitter, and you can use their recipes or you can create your own. You can get an idea from some of the Twitter recipes shown here:

You can also search for Twitter-Facebook recipes in particular, or Twitter-WordPress, and so on. Just browse through the recipes and you will see all kinds of ingenious ways that people are using IFTTT. You can also create recipes within a service, Twitter-Twitter, like "Automatically add users who @mention you to a Twitter list."

Looking through IFTTT, you might also find some other ways you can use this automator, completely separate from Twitter. It's a powerful tool, and you can learn a lot from seeing the recipes that others have created!

NEXT STEP => And now... it's time to look at a Twitter tool that I personally find extremely useful: Inoreader.

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