Friday, December 11, 2015

6. Finding People to Follow

Now that you have tweeted your first tweet, it's time to FOLLOW SOME PEOPLE so that you can see their tweets too. There are lots of ways to find people to follow. For example, you can go back to the Cruise Twitter tips and find accounts to follow by cruising around.

OU Accounts to Follow. A good way to get started in following people at OU is to select some people from these OU lists: OU People: List Members and OU Programs: List Members. You'll see a "Follow" button for each account on those lists. Just click the button to follow that account.

Another way to find accounts to follow is by looking at the latest tweets that appear on those lists: OU People tweets and OU Program tweets. When you see a tweet, you can mouse-over the name link next to the avatar image, and that gensture will cause an account mini-profile to display. Just click on the + icon to the right, and when it turns all blue, that will mean you are now following that account. Here you can see where I have hovered over OU's McNair Scholars Office and clicked to follow that account.

See Who You're Following. As you add people to follow, you can then go to your Profile page (one way to get to your Profile is to click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner), and then you can click on the "Following" link to see which accounts you have selected to follow. 

Following and Followers on Profile Pages. Just as you can click on your Profile page to see who you are following, you can also click on other people's Profile pages and see who they are following and also who is following them. That's another great way to find accounts you might want to follow. For example, I am a big fan of the writer William Dalrymple, and I found lots of other people to follow by looking at the accounts he follows by clicking on the Following link on his profile:

Your Home Page. As you follow other accounts, you will see their tweets (and their retweets), together with your tweets, on your Home page at

NEXT STEP => You can spend lots of time finding great accounts to follow; for now, try to find a dozen or so accounts to follow, and then do some more tweeting. Next up: including an image in a tweet!

PLN: Personal Learning Network. Building a PLN, or personal learning network, is one of the most powerful uses of Twitter. Here are some articles to help you learn more: Twitter and your PLN. As you build up your network, Twitter then becomes a 24/7 professional development workshop available to you anytime that you have, literally, a minute to spare: Got a Twitter Minute?

(see full-sized graphic at Langwitches)

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