Tuesday, December 8, 2015

39. Featured Tweet Widget (Embedding)

Now that you see how a Twitter widget can work, here are some more thoughts about EMBEDDED TWEETS and how to create a "Featured Tweet" widget in D2L to share the content of specific tweets with your students.

For example, you might want to embed a tweet that features a Twitter conversation you want to see, or perhaps you want to share a tweet that has an embedded video so that you students can play the video inside D2L. To give you a sense of how that works, here's an embedded tweet with a video that you can play right here:

Embedding a tweet. It's easy to embed a tweet; just click on the "..." below any tweet and choose Embed and then copy the code, pasting it in just like the widget code.

You can configure various options, such as showing the parent tweet of a conversation or not.

Featured Tweet widget in D2L. If you think you might want to feature tweets like this inside D2L, just create another widget called "Featured Tweet" or something to that effect. It's easy to edit, too! You can actually edit that directly from the homepage; there's an edit option in the title bar of the widget, as you can see here, making it quick and easy to update — just as fast or faster than editing a traditional D2L news announcements:

NEXT STEP => So, now that you see how Twitter can be integrated into D2L with Twitter widgets and embedded tweets, you can finish up this part of the Bootcamp by brainstorming some ideas for using Twitter with your students.

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