Tuesday, December 8, 2015

35. D2L Homepage

Now that you have created a D2L widget, you can display the widget in your D2L HOMEPAGE. Just how you will go about doing this will depend on whether or not you already have a customized homepage that you are using for your class instead of the system default. For help with that, you might need to consult your local D2L administrator. The homepage you are going to edit needs to be "widget-based." The steps below are based on the D2L configuration used at University of Oklahoma.

Edit Homepage. After you have a customized D2L homepage for your class, it's easy to add the widget. From Edit Course, select Site Setup: Homepages.  Choose the area of the homepage where you want the Twitter widget to display and select Add Widget.

You should be able to find the widget you created in the dropdown menu; check that box, and then Add. Then choose Save and Close.

Make it active! Now, choose the homepage you have just edited to be the Active Homepage by selecting it from the dropdown list of all your homepage options. Then click Apply.

Go to your Course Homepage, and you should see your widget in action!

Just how you want to style and configure the homepage and the widget inside the homepage is all up to you! You can also adjust the options you chose at Twitter by returning to the widget configuration page and making new choices there.

NEXT STEP => Okay, now you will want to play with the widget, which updates in what is basically real time, to see what the content looks like there. In the next activity, you'll see how your tweets look in your widget!

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