Friday, December 11, 2015

2. Create a Twitter Account

Now that you have cruised Twitter, it's time to CREATE YOUR OWN TWTTER ACCOUNT — or, if you have a Twitter account already, you will just need to log in. If you have an account but you don't remember your password, Twitter will send a password reminder to the email address you used to register the account.

To create a Twitter account, just to go, and follow these steps:
  • Sign up with your name, email, and a password you will use.
  • I'd recommend opting out of having Twitter tailor your account (if it offers to do that).
  • You can enter a phone number or or skip this step and add a phone later if you want.
  • Next, you will choose a Twitter name, or "handle" (you can also change this later).
About Handles: You might use your name or you might use something to reflect your professional identity. Twitter displays both the name and the handle, so I like having my "OnlineCrsLady" handle to go with my real name (especially as my name is a common one, not unique).

Skip "Let's Go" etc. After you have created your account, Twitter will show you a "Let's Go" button to help you find accounts to follow, but you can stop here — you can find accounts you want to follow without Twitter's help. You have a Twitter username and password, so you are ready to go!

Confirmation email. So, go to again. Since you are logged in, going to that address will shows you your own personal timeline, along with a notice that an email confirmation has been sent to you, and you can resend the confirmation if needed. 

Make sure you click on the token in the email to complete your account registration.

NEXT STEP => Now you have a Twitter account and a log-in! Before you start tweeting, though, it's a good idea to update your profile and adjust some settings. So, the next activity is to adjust your profile ... and then you will be ready to start tweeting!

If you'd like a video step by step, here's a video about creating your Twitter account from Techoist:

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