Tuesday, December 8, 2015

34. Create a D2L Widget

Now that you have the Twitter widget code you need, you can CREATE A D2L WIDGET in which to display the Twitter.

Here's a quick step by step based on our D2L configuration:

Twitter code. Start by having the Twitter Widget configuration page open. If you saved the widget, you can find it again by going to Settings - Widgets, and then clicking on the widget. The code you need is in the code box below the preview.

D2L: edit course. Go to your D2L course and click on edit course. Then choose Site Setup: Widgets. Click Create Widget and give your widget a name. Then click the Content tab, and choose the HTML Source Editor from the bottom right-hand corner of the text editing box; it's indicated by the </> icon. A new text editing box will pop up; paste in the code from Twitter, and hit Save. You'll see a default link show up in the WYSIWYG editing box which is what people see as the Twitter widget loads. That's all there is to it! Click Save and Close.

NEXT STEP => You have now created a D2L widget with Twitter content. The next step is to add the D2L widget to your D2L homepage

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