Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chat Planning: Join us Friday, Dec. 4, 10AM (Central time) - CELEBRATE THE SEMESTER

UPCOMING CHAT: Our FINAL chat of the Fall 2015 semester!
Friday, December 4, 10AM-11AM (Norman time)

You can leave comments here or tweet (use #OpenTeachingOU hashtag).

Tentative questions: Please suggest other ideas in the comments section!

Q1. What were some of your best successes this semester?
Q2. What were some of your best failures?
Q3. Do you have some big plans for next semester?
Q4. What advice do you want to give to your "new you" for 2016? What advice will you be giving your students?
Q5. Who are some of the people who helped make the Fall semester a success for you?
Q6. What are some of the chat topics you'd like to see next semester?

Success is not coming to you; 
you must come to it.

(Growth Mindset Memes blog)

Share Your Success ...
and Explore the Iceberg :-)

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