Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chat Planning: Join us Friday, October 30, 10AM (Central time) - CURATING, ANNOTATING, SHARING

UPCOMING CHAT: Our second chat of the Fall 2015 semester!
Friday, October 30, 10AM-11AM (Norman time)

... and here is our #OpenTeachingOU Fall 2015 Chat Schedule.

Please feel free to comment with advance materials that people might want to look at. See bottom of this post for resources. And please help us come up with some good questions! You can leave comments here or tweet (use #OpenTeachingOU hashtag).Tentative questions: Please suggest other ideas in the comments section!

Q1. Are you happy with your current curation/annotation/sharing strategies? How have they changed over time?
Q2. What are some of your favorite curation/annotation/sharing tools? How do you use each tool? What are the strengths/weaknesses?
Q3. How do you find time to make curation/annotation/sharing part of your daily/weekly/other routine?
Q4. How do you benefit from having curation/annotation/sharing routines? How do others benefit from your efforts?
Q5. Have you found ways to make curation/annotation/sharing part of your course design? How do your students respond?
Q6. Who are some of your curation heroes and heroines?


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Learn, and then share what you learned.


  1. Hey Laura,

    Looking at Q2, I wonder if we want a follow-up somewhere that asks what the use their different tools for (or how they use these tools). I use Diigo as a historical research database, for example. I use Feedly as my reader. I use Flipboard for mobile bookmarking and decide, on a case-by-case basis, if I want to forward something there to Diigo for long-term curation. It's kind a personal decision about how I actually employ these three tools (I could use them very differently or more broadly or even more effectively, I'm sure). This could just come out as part of the general conversation so maybe it's not necessary to modify one of the questions

    1. Aha, yes, that is what I was getting at with strengths/weaknesses, but asking how people use the tools is important. We could actually do a whole chat about tools... in fact, maybe we should do that, using Stacy's metaphor of the toolchest. But let me tinker with the question; I see exactly what you mean about the gap there.


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