Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Resources for our Chat on Connected Learning

In anticipation of our next Twitter chat session, April 24, we're putting together a list of resources to provide background information for the discussion. If you have additional resources to recommend, please submit as a comment to this post.

Community of Inquiry Model (D. Randy Garrison Terry Anderson Walter Archer)

Networks of Care and Vulnerability (Bonnie Stewart, the theoryblog) --

Making Connections (Steve wheeler, learning with the ‘e’s) --

Skills for the Networked World (Sahana Chattopadhyay, ID and Other Reflections) --

Teaching as Wayfinding (Eric Hudson, Hybrid Pedagogy) --

Design Elements in a Personal Learning Environment (Stephen Downes, Half an Hour) --

Why Are We Still Learning Alone? Why Connection Is More Important Than Ever #FuturesEd (Cathy Davidson, HASTAC) --

Techniques for Unleashing Student Work from Learning Management Systems (Justin Reich, Mind/Shift) --

What Is Learning? 12 Principles of Peer-Led, Connected, Interactive Education (Cathy Davidson, HASTAC) --

The Deeper Ethics of Education and Open: Generosity, Care, and Relationships (David Wiley, iterating toward openness) --

Connected Learning (Steven Mintz, Higher Ed Beta) --

Connected Learning Design Principles (Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning Journal) --

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