Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chat Planning: Join us on Friday, April 10, 9AM (Norman)

Thanks to everybody for your great participation in the Friday, March 27 chat! You can see the Storify archive here at the blog, or over at the Storify site.

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  • Friday, April 10, 9AM-10AM (Norman time)

Some materials to peruse... and please comment with additional links you'd like to see added to the list:
And please help us come up with some good questions! You can leave comments here or tweet (use #OpenTeachingOU hashtag).

Please suggest questions for the chat!
Here are some possibilities:
  • How do you "use" content in your courses/work? Are you a content re-user? creator? curator? re-mixer? other roles?
  • How do your views on pedagogy affect your content choices and strategies?
  • What are the benefits for you of producing/curating/using open content?
  • Teachers: How has your content ecosystem evolved over time?
  • Teachers: Do students contribute to your content ecosystem? If so, how?
  • How do you keep up with news/projects in the fast-developing field of open textbooks and other OERs?

And hey, I'm a blog admin here. We can have cats:

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Our current plan (please let us know what you think!) is to finish up the Spring semester with these Friday chats on second and fourth Fridays of the month, which means we have one more chat to come after this one:
  • Friday, April 24, 9AM-10AM (Norman time)
Then we can regroup and see if people want to continue to do chats during the summer, and also strategize about a schedule for Fall so that we perhaps have a Friday morning time alternating with some other day of the week in the afternoon. Please chime in with ideas about scheduling and also with ideas for future topics! Comment here, or connect at Twitter, or by email, as you prefer: getting connected.


  1. Laura - great questions and good way to get thoughts going for #Rhizo15 next week!

    Look forward to another fun and mildly chaotic twitter chat tomorrow

    1. Oh, that is a great idea: I'll include a note about Rhizo coming up in my canned stuff to be sure to share. In fact that's a good wrap-up: we need to ponder next topic at end of chat (I was thinking maybe it is time for CONNECTED LEARNING...?), and we should also ask people to include announcements about upcoming events. There's a ton of stuff going on in Education that Terri is involved in I know because the Twitter stream has been hopping.

    2. Yes, I like that idea. I know Stacy and I would like to let people know about the Power of Connections course in July. Speaking of which, between now and then the three of us should get together and talk about how we might persuade you (Laura) to participate in some way (we're pretty much open to anything on that front). But, back to your original suggestion, I would like to tackle Connected Learning.

    3. Oh, with Power of Connections coming I would say having Connected Learning as last chat topic is PERFECT. Just speaking for myself, doing Connected Courses and hooking up with the DML crowd was a very big deal for me this past fall. I had not really glommed onto this term "connected learning" as a useful label in self-identifying and connecting with others but it really has been helpful.

  2. Hey Laura and Stacy -- apologies for being somewhat disconnected this week. I've been at this crazy ASU+GSC Summit in Arizona. But I'm home in time to give my full attention to the chat tomorrow. One thought not he first question. Do we want to add the the broader question, "How do you use content in your courses?" as context for the other examples on #1? Not sure if that works but it might open expand the opening question a it. Thoughts?

    1. Sounds great! Broad question to start is good!!!


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