Saturday, March 14, 2015

About This Blog

Here's a report on the initial set-up, perhaps useful to people who are interested in starting their own blog.

Blogger. The blog is hosted by Google's Blogger service, It's a group blog, with Laura, Rob, and Stacy as co-owners.

Template. It uses the "Simple" blog template. Customizations: Changed the link colors to variations on crimson; enlarged the font size in the blog posts and blog titles slightly.

Layout. Basic layout with posts on left, sidebar on right. Displays three posts on the main page.

Sidebar Widgets:

Next Chat: Text box with information about upcoming chat. We will need to update that after each chat.

About This Blog: Text box with important links to blog sections and posts. We will need to update this periodically as the blog's contents evolve.

#OpenTeachingOU: Twitter widget showing latest tweets with #OpenTeachingOU hashtag. (Widget by Twitter.)

Labels: This is a standard Blogger widget. For a blog like this, label-driven navigation will be very useful. We can add "topic" label chat by chat.

Follow by Email: This is a standard Blogger widget.

RSS Feeds: Also a standard Blogger widget.

OpenTeachingOU: Twitter widget showing latest tweets by members of the OpenTeachingOU Twitter list. Here are the list members. (Widget by Twitter.)

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